Metro stores are always looking for new ways to communicate with foodies. They want to know how much you love or hate the Subway menu items. The questionnaire will help you develop different dimensions of the business. The primary goal of the SubwayListens Survey is to get real customer feedback on Subway fast-food restaurant products and services.


Therefore, with customer feedback, managers try to solve the restaurant’s inconvenience in various ways. While the title of the Subway survey says: “We listen, we care.” You can leave your comments online on the Subway Listens Survey portal to shop at subway stations or to order online.

It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, because the survey provides all of your opinions. You will receive a code number in recognition of completing the Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey.

SubwayListens – Survey Objectives

In addition to the many benefits, you can enjoy after completing the survey. There are three main reasons you should submit them:

  • It is the official secret ballot.
  • It is incredibly easy to complete.
  • Free cookies await you at the end!

SubwayListens.com makes sure that your opinion is heard by the right people in your business, according to an official poll conducted by the entire Metropolitan Organization of the USA. If you find the result totally disgusting and your food inferior, then your comments will not be are left in the stack. The assessors will physically assess this deviation and confirm their allegations before taking appropriate action against it.

And it’s not that you need to describe your search experience in detail. You will be asked to answer a series of multiple-choice questions, each related to a specific area of ​​your ministry. Just choose the answers based on your experience and submit the survey! Completing the entire questionnaire takes an average of 10 minutes.