Your honest opinion is important to the restaurant. Then take the online underground customer survey at or and make your dining experience available. You can add and file a complaint to the Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey based on your visiting experience.


Your suggestions will be analyzed and action will be taken in due course. The Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey only takes a few minutes and you can earn Subway Vouchers as a reward for your success. In this article, you will learn more about the Subway Customer Experience Survey, its rules and conditions, its rewards, and how to complete the online survey step by step.

After completing the SubwayListens feedback survey on the Subway portal, Subway offers you the opportunity to earn Subway vouchers. You will receive the Subway coupon code as soon as you submit your feedback on the Subway Customer Feedback Survey. Use this code to receive free cookies or a free regular drink (455 ml) during your future visit to the metro.

Note: this research is always tailored to compensate. What your “research reward” would depend entirely on what you get. Rewards will be notified with the coupon code after the survey is submitted.


Over the years, the restaurant and its fame have grown by leaps and bounds. However, the basic values ​​and principles of the restaurant remain the same. It’s just a tactic to keep your customers happy. But Subway offers more than fresh food. SubwayListens gives you the opportunity to connect with them and get feedback on their service, food quality, atmosphere, and overall satisfaction.

That’s why the Subway survey is here! This is your chance to help the channel improve its standards. But you also enjoy every minute you spend here! How to use search auction code who will vote and become the lucky winner of the official survey lists. Guess what? Receive a nice gift from Subway by completing a short survey.