Survey Questions

The Subway listens as well as the question of the current offer of the subway card in the minds of customers, how they perceive their service and the atmosphere in restaurants. Feedback is important to both the customer and the seller.


Concise and robust feedback not only helps any business improve its services but also enables the customer to experience these improved services. This is one of the reasons Subway developed the SubwayListens survey. The other reason the survey was conducted is that Subway considers each customer to be a family.

And it is important to listen to what a family member has to say!SubwayListens listens to all kinds of feedback, good or bad, and acts to meet the needs of its customers. Even if you don’t want to comment, take the survey at to acknowledge your efforts! Your opinion will not go unnoticed and you will be rewarded for completing the survey.

SubwayListens – Survey Questions

In addition, there are important questions that must be answered in the investigation process.

Food Quality: You need to consider the quality of the food you tried on your previous visit. The quality of the food also includes the taste of the food. So think about taste and quality and give your opinion.

Speed ​​Of Service: This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions in a restaurant survey. Speaking of speed of service, the speed of service is extremely fast. Once you have placed your food order, delivery will be received in five minutes.


Restaurant Cleaning: An independent team is at your disposal for cleaning. Therefore, they keep the restaurant facilities very clean at all times. You can also express your point of view through expressions of opinion.

Experience With The Staff: The staff at the Metro restaurant are very friendly. So give your opinion on the friendliness of the staff.